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Jackpot 2024

Date: 20.04.2024

Event location: Halle 2

Entry: 19:00 Uhr

Begin: 20:00 Uhr

End: ca. 10:30 p.m.

Organizer: Bucardo - Kunst und Kulturproduktionen GmbH

Full-speed comedy


What is luck? A fast car? Winning the lottery? A new love? Is happiness a goal or should it be the goal to be able to see the happiness that you already have? in his new program "Jackpot", comedy award winner Özcan Cosar goes in search of the great happiness that sometimes lies on the horizon and sometimes already on the doormat. In a world in which everything must always be higher, faster and hornier, Özcan looks deep into the cards that fate has dealt us and, with his incomparable humor, finds, as always, the one ability that separates humans from all other living beings: laughter.

But what if you've already hit the jackpot? And where are all the little moments of happiness that life gives us and that we overlook if we don't stop to notice them? Because, as always, "Jackpot" shows that wealth is always a question of perspective.

"Jackpot" is full-throttle comedy with a restless mind and body, in which Özcan Cosar takes the audience on a wild journey into the crazy world of a Swabian Turk who has really been gifted with a lot by fate... except for a thick head of hair and patience. And when the last member of the audience is doubled over with laughter and goes home after two hours with a broad grin, there is only one truth for all sides of the dice. JACKPOT.

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