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the new show

Date: 25.11.2024

Event location: Westfalenhalle

Entry: tba

Begin: 08:00 p.m.

End: tba

Organizer: Semmel Concerts Entertainment GmbH

This format is and remains a phenomenon

LET'S DANCE - The 2024 live tour enters the next round

In 2024, we have reached the 18th season and are announcing the fifth tour for 2024. This format is and remains a phenomenon. From grandpa to granddaughter, from amateur dancers to "body clauses" - everyone is involved in "Let`s Dance" when the celebrity candidates, together with the professionals, want to win over the jury and the audience every week and get closer to the winner's trophy step by step. Viewers look forward with excitement to the many beautiful TV moments in the spotlight, with rousing music, great costumes, elaborate stage sets and extravagant choreography. Between excited hope, great triumph and tears of disappointment, between devotion and abandonment, between sequins and confetti, between personal favorites, strong competition and the solidarity of all participants - this formula is the secret recipe of "Let`s Dance"!

But all this does not even begin to describe the live experience when the special LET'S DANCE magic sweeps visitors away, who can finally experience their favorite show live and up close. An atmosphere that always gives the participants goosebumps!  Because the cheers in Germany's biggest arenas don't leave even the professionals and celebrities cold.

"LET'S DANCE - The Live Tour 2024" will also provide unforgettable evenings next fall, when the couples whirl across the floor in fiery cha-cha-cha, elegant waltz, intimate tango, wild jive or lively discofox and the visitors can vote together with the charming but fair jury at the end to see who wins the trophy.

(Information according to the organizer. Westfalenhallen Unternehmensgruppe GmbH accepts no responsibility for the accuracy of the information).

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